Pharmacy Internships

West Des Moines, IA

GRX Holdings, LLC, a privately-held company based in West Des Moines owning 23 Medicap Pharmacy retail pharmacy locations, has an opening for Student Pharmacists in the Des Moines metro area.  East 14th Street, Carlisle, and Grimes Medicap Pharmacies are currently looking for student interns.

Under regular supervision of a pharmacist the Student Intern will prepare medications including measuring, mixing, counting, labeling, and recording amounts and dosages of medications. Ensures customer satisfaction by handling each customer in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner.


  • Follows company policies and procedures including register performance, security issues, and confidentiality.
  • Assists the pharmacist by receiving new written prescriptions or refill requests. Helps to verify that the following information is accurate and complete: date of birth, phone number, address, disease states, allergies, prescriber information, billing information, and the key components to a prescription.
  • Following the completion of proper training, receives new prescriptions over the phone from doctors’ offices. Gathers the following information: patient name and DOB, medication name, strength, directions, refills, prescriber’s information, etc. Refers all doctor’s medical questions to the pharmacist.
  • Accesses, inputs, and retrieves patient and prescription information into and from the computer and successfully, efficiently, and accurately bills insurance and generates a label for the medications.
  • Mixes pharmaceutical preparations, fills vials, bubble packs, and/or dads with the correct and right amounts of tablets and capsules, and generates labels for bottles. Alerts the pharmacist if a CII prescription needs to be dispensed as they fill all CII orders. Utilizes Kirby and AccuMed when available for increased accuracy.
  • Prepare all compounds to fulfill waiting orders; this includes but is not limited to weighing/measuring chemical, preparing equipment/supplies for chemical use; completing the compounding process for available chemicals and hormone supplies.
  • Some chemicals are hazardous and require protective wear, which will be supplied to every individual. Each individual is responsible for preparing themselves for the job.
  • Retrieves and files pharmacy prescriptions in the appropriate files.
  • Assists patients and customers by greeting customers, offering assistance, running cash register for over-the-counter and prescription sales, receiving payments, and providing other services requested by customers. Refers the patient to the pharmacist for any medical questions. Assists patients via drive up window to make service more convenient for the customer.
  • Bags and hangs prescriptions after the pharmacist has checked them. Prepares prescriptions for deliveries and mail outs as necessary.
  • Answers the telephone within two rings and handles requests within their job description including refill requests, new prescriptions, and general questions. Directs prescriber inquiries, prescription transfer requests, and patients’ medical questions, etc., to the pharmacist.
  • Maintains store stock of medications by reviewing shipments for completeness, putting price tags on the products and placing the items in their appropriate shelf locations, excluding CII medications.
  • Order, label, and count stock of medications, chemicals, and supplies, and enter inventory data into computer.
  • Maintains inventory levels by following defined ordering practices for warehouse and approved outside vendors.
  • Maintains the pharmacy including performing the following duties: clean pumps within 24 hours of return, fill pharmacy supplies, vacuum, dust/face, wipe countertops, clean sink and settee area, straighten counseling area, empty trash and shred bins, clean bathroom, clean hood and anteroom per requirements, etc.
  • Keeps product shelves and counters neat and clean and “faces” shelves by moving items to the front and arranging and stacking them. Checks items’ expiration dates and removes expired and short-dated products monthly.
  • Maintains regular and punctual attendance. Develops courteous and professional relationships with patients, customers, and co-workers.
  • Works with pharmacist to ensure proper Medicare DMEPOS paperwork is complete, provide appropriate product to the customer, and maintain accurate billing records.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or GED; strong science background; knowledge of the metric system and good math skills; familiarity with pharmacy terminology, medication names and aseptic techniques desirable.
  • Pharmacist interns must be registered with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy.